Åland Islands

5 – 9 August 2012 (mostly) Mariehamn, Åland Islands I spent some days with the wonderful Ålandic barefoot named Ulrika, who’s an artist obsessed with feet. We ate well and were happy. She’s since relocated… Continue reading


2 August 2012 Helsinki, Finland Yes, just one. – Mel Day 55


1 August 2012 Suomenlinna, Finland All these photos were shot on the same island off Helsinki that is home to the famous Suomenlinna Sea Fortress. It seemed to have an unplanned motif –… Continue reading

Not Helsinki

27 July – 1 August Ida’s, Finland  I left Stockholm for Finland, where my first stop was Ida’s home a couple of hours from Helsinki. The weather was gracious and I now have… Continue reading

Sweden, Somewhat

19 July – 26 July Gothenburg/Stockholm, Sweden I got sick of carrying my camera around after leaving Ko’s and visited Sweden’s two largest cities using mostly only my brain for documentation. I took exactly… Continue reading

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    Flekke, NorwayAugust 20th, 2012
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